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Brilliant Breakfasts

Brilliant Breakfasts

If your idea of a healthy breakfast is a Slim-Fast shake or a bowl of some “special” cereal and toast, you just might be wrong. These foods contain simple sugars that will not sustain you for more than a few hours at best. The trick is to combine proteins, roughage and a bit of fat.

If you are famished by 10:00 a.m. and experience mid-morning slumps, you might be able to place the blame on your choice of breakfast foods!

We all understand by now that breakfast is a very important meal. What you eat in the a.m. can affect the rest of your day, so why not eat foods that are delicious, good for you, and big time energy dynamos? Maybe it’s time to put down that breakfast bar and load up with some of these “better for you” breakfast foods.

Eggs have really been bad-mouthed by some people, haven’t they? Some cite concerns about cholesterol, fat grams… yadda yadda yadda. But in reality, eggs are a very good source of protein— one of the most complete sources of protein, by the way — and the yolks contain some very important nutrients that may actually aid in weight loss. If you want to lower the calories, use one yolk for every two eggs (so one whole egg mixed with one egg white).

Whip up an omelette this morning using two or three eggs, a handful of chicken breast and some veggies. Yummy. The fat contained in the egg yolks has a “stick-to-your-ribs” effect, as will the fiber-rich veggies, and the high-protein content will see you through the morning all the way to lunch without a grumble! If you really want to add some oomph, eat a piece of whole grain bread with your omelette. For those of you trying to cut calories, use mainly egg whites in your omelettes, but add at least one yolk to give your meal a little flavor and fat.

If you’re not the egg type try a small hunk of organic cheese with a handful of almonds and figs. How European, right? Again, the staying power of the protein, fat and carb combo will have you sailing energetically through your day.

Another really tasty option is to throw some raw oatmeal (yes, you can eat it raw) in a bowl with raisins, cashews and maybe a spoonful of flaxseed or wheat germ and eat it cereal style with low-fat milk or soy milk.

Are you a smoothie person? Make yours with a favorite protein powder, strawberries or blueberries — they contain tons of antioxidants — and a tablespoon of flax oil (it actually tastes good; find it in your health food store).

Have you ever tried dinner leftovers for breakfast? It might sound kind of yuk, but try it. Chances are you will get a bit of protein, fat and carbs from last night’s chicken and broccoli dish.

Low-fat (find the sugar-free kind) yogurt with a piece of fruit and a handful of almonds is another great option.

These are just a few breakfast suggestions, but by now you see what you need to do: eliminate the simple sugars and add some whole grains, fat and protein to see how good a balanced breakfast can make you feel.

Written by Aly Wing