Body care


100 ml, 500 ml.


Almond oil, Macadamia nut, Jojoba oil, Essential oils of the Madagascar rose, Enoters, St. John's wort, Yarrow, Camomile, Indian Mimosa, Vanilla, Verbena, Violet.


It is intended for purification of the vascular system, removal of allergies, treatment of eczema, purification and activation of the lymphatic system. It has a relaxing, nutritious, immunostimulating effect, promotes the excretion of metabolic products from the body.

It is shown at psychoemotional disorders, at an osteoporosis, hormonal problems, for treatment of adiposity, a psoriasis, an allergy on metals (nickel), at a sleeplessness and poisonings by pharmacological preparations.

Application: the preparation is 100% concentrate, therefore it is possible to use it in its pure form with a therapeutic purpose (for insomnia, depression). In the procedures for aesthetics of the face and body, dilution of the drug with the base oil for aromatherapy is used in the proportion: 10 ml of the elixir "Aromarelaks" - 40 ml of the Base Oil (for the body) and 5 ml of the elixir "Aromarelaks" - 45 ml of the Base Oil (for the face ).

It is used in the following procedures:


Therapy PRANA

MARMA therapy for face and body

ABYANGAM SNANAM face and body therapy