Body care
Body Applicator Wraps


Key actions:

Detoxifies and reduces waste. Increases the elasticity of the skin fibers, reducing gradually the skin’s “orange peel” appearance. It balances the natural skin’s own respiration methabolism. Strengthens skin firmness and cell cohesion. Decreases fatigue and oxidative stress. Increase skin’s own oxygenation. Applied before a professional massage session, CH Metho double the effectiveness of the massage benefits. Applied after the professional session by beauty equipments, such as galvanic, ultrasound, oxygene, cavitation, vacum, diathermy, CH Method increases the effectiveness of the apparatus and drains waste. Applied before beauty draining equipments, such as vacum, physiosauna, steam bath, infrared, CH Method doubles the results.

Cellulite. Lipodystrophy Physiology

Skin adipose tissue, which has the function of defense and reserve energy, is formed by adipocytes. Adipocytes increase volume and dimension, because of endocrine factors, hormonal factors and high-calories diet. Consequently, the elastic fibers of connective tissue lose their tone and elasticity, causing the visibible appearance onto skin “orange peel” aspect.