BODY LAB in persons
Марина Бородина

Marina Borodina

Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. Everyone knows this popular wisdom but few people apply its meaning not only to people but to other concepts, such as food, sport, sleep and self-awareness.

I have learned this truth step by step. And Lidiya Zeydan helped me with this. First, I became friends with her, and then with her project Body Lab. Who thought that to live healthy is so easy! What is important is to have an appropriate mentor or tutor. Lida inspires incredibly by own example. Looking at her all possible doubts in success disappear. She is so professional and talented in choosing a programme for physical exercises, nutrition, helps to love that beautiful, clear image that she is developing together with her client considering all his wishes, aspirations and health condition, that it is just impossible to back down!

She instils confidence and gives strength, helps to build mutually beneficial relations with your changing inner world and concentrate on the good news. And this enables you to live without limitations, feel happy and enjoy the present moment here and right now!

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Ольга Рамёкур

Olga Ramyekur

I got acquainted with Lida on distance, through a mutual acquaintance, we sent each other messages on the Internet, and then she is already in Paris!!!

Even by correspondence in WhatsApp I realised that this fragile blonde perfectly knows what she wants. Lida came to Paris for shopping and to have some entertainment! It is nice to work with her — she respects other person’s opinion, and we bought new cloths in one breath.

Lida is a very disciplined and, at the same time very balanced person able to adapt quickly to any situation and to find a common language with everyone. She is sincere, tolerant and demanding to herself and others, open to experiments but with a strong spirit inside.

One can say that she is transforming herself without changing herself!!! As she tells herself, it is necessary to define right priorities, to set a goal and to move towards it. You will succeed!!! She always achieves a success: to have proper breakfast in Cafe de Flore, change the cloths, be the most fashionable by the new season, take a walk along the Champs Elysees, see Paris from a bird’s eye view and taste the darkest chocolate of Alain Ducasse!

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Михаил Копийко

Mikhail Kopiyko

I would like to share the most honest opinion about cooperation with wonderful Lidiya Zeydan.

During cooperation with Lidiya as a client and as a partner it is important to note that the professional approach and personal participation regarding any issue is guaranteed to you! Laborious and very ambitious work is done to make you feel efficiency of the work and its full control by Lidiya. Taking into account the smallest details we reach a goal together. Her honest participation during the entire process is very helpful and inspires for work and achieving the result. And development of nutrition based on the blood group is completely individual for each person. I am grateful for the work done together as it really yields the result. Moreover, the joint work and development of programmes by blood groups in my company is very helpful for the majority of our clients, which I am specially thankful for!

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Виталий Клишня

Vitaliy Klishnya

What is perfectionism? Is it good or bad? In medicine or in life? I think this is the best diagnosis, and that birds of a feather flock together. As for Lida, she is a time-honoured product. And it is a sin not to benefit from it. Take the best and apply. And the most important is that the project does not stop on the achieved results but it grows and sets new goals for you! A personal couch for everyone! Especially such as Lida.

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Patrick van Leeuwen

Patrick van Leeuwen


In sports Individual support for athletes becomes more and more a normal thing. Football players also start to have their own mental coach, nutrition advisor or personal trainer.

Body lab could assist football players in this!

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