Body care
Body cream FERMETE

Body cream FERMETE

200 ml.

Body’ lift-Up

Key actions:

Ultra luxurious body firming cream. Gives a firmer and smoother look to skin. Improve skin’s texture. Keep skin hydrated and toned. Reinforce collagen and elastin’s fibers. Improves skin’s own oxygenation methabolism.

Key ingredients: Bglucans vegetal complex exhilarant skin’s fortifying active ingredient. Reinforce skin’s immune defense and its supportive capillary network for a smoother and firmer appearance. Jaluronic acid complex helps skin’s own methabolism to maintain ideal molsture level; relleve dry skin to keep it perfectly molsturlzed. Medlterranean herbs fresh extracts improve skin oxygenation and tone, counteracting lack of tone, due to loss of collagen, cfused by age, by medical intake care, by strong and fast diet regimen.