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50 ml., 250 ml.


Mask based on Kaolin (white clay), Almond oil, Propolis, essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Yarrow, Burdock, Horsetail extracts. Enriched with provitamin E.


The mask has a cleansing effect, balances the work of the sebaceous glands, promotes the flow of oxygen to the skin cells. Absorbs excess skin fat by regulating its secretion. Delicates the delicate cellular mechanism, maintains the optimal level of hydration, smooths the traces left after acne.

The main property of Kaolin (white clay) is cleansing and drying of the skin. It absorbs excess sebum and secretions of sweat glands, eliminates the contamination that is on the skin. Clay enhances the bactericidal action of certain substances. Propolis has bactericidal and bacteriostatic action, it can suppress activity and destroy a wide range of microorganisms, including tubercle bacillus, viruses. Affects the capillaries, strengthening their walls, increases the natural permeability of the skin (enhances the penetration of active ingredients through the skin), has a dermatoplastic effect - stimulates the regeneration of tissues - its self-healing. The mug extract has an active regenerating effect. Horsetail extract has a drainage effect and intensively strengthens the capillaries, due to the high content of silicic acid.

The mask has a pronounced lifting effect, brightens the skin of the face, significantly improving its texture.

It is used in the following procedures:

Scars after deliveryYouthful Acne

Inflamed acne

Encapsulated acne and microcysts