My story

My success story began more than 20 years ago.

I was always the chubbiest girl in school, in the yard, in the dance club. A girl with Great ambitions:)

When I was 15 years old, fate gave me a gift — a recreational trip for a whole month without parental care. Being alone with my inner world, I realised: it was time to act.

So I lost my first 15 kg. This was the starting point for creation of my Body Lab empire. Fortunately, it happened that I entered the medical lyceum, and then the medical university. Following my passion, I spent entire nights exploring intricacies of the chair of food hygiene, while my fellow students considered it a complete waste of time. I stubbornly and purposefully continued to grope for priceless knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biochemical processes of the human body.

When I was an obstetrician-gynaecologist, I was called, behind my back, „a thunderbolt of pregnant women“ as I frantically drove women from buffets, pedantically observing their diet.

I have always been fond of football, and later it became a part of my life. Having acquired a famous surname, I decided to obey the voice of my heart and went to Barcelona in that time the one and the only institute in the world which football managers graduated from. In my group I was the only woman among the bigwigs of the football world. However, I was remembered rather by the unique topic of my thesis in the area of medical services organisation and correct diet for football players than by this fact. Nobody had ever done it before me. Therefore, I was assailed with questions of professors related to organisation of a diet for Messi taking into account his numerous traumas.

Thus, I was recognized as a nutrition expert in the sports world.

Fate sprang a surprise on me once again — weirdly I moved from the heart of Europe to a mysterious Asia, where the whole life routine changed. Truly, the East is wrapped in a mystery. Here I met a master who opened up the world of feminine energies and practices for me. Life was divided into „before“ and „after“ and a new era of my life journey began. Further even more: The Universe gave me a fateful meeting with a unique life coach. Here I managed to put everything together to see a big picture — accumulated knowledge, courageous ideas and ambitious intentions were systematised allowing to create my mission.

This was the birth of Body Lab by Lidiya Zeydan.

My mission is to inspire
and to make
the best of you.
The Body Lab by Lidiya Zeydan project was created for women, men, sportsmen, and children. It is aimed to create a qualitatively new lifestyle based on three components: health, external beauty and inner harmony. And they are, in turn, accomplished through the following directions: nutrition, sport, body aesthetics, and metaphysics. There is no universal formula. We create a unique mix for you.

Body Lab by Lidiya ZEYDAN project is unique thanks to the non-standard systemic 4-component approach and placement of extraordinary accents. These are the evidence-based medicine and the world of energies; quantum physics, and going beyond the usual understanding of „sport“. You will be surprised how simple and joyful it is. My task is to provide you with the tools to reach your desired look consciously and so that, ultimately, not to be perceived only as a beautiful wrapper. Or that you were healthy but, for example, looked imperfect. Or that you had a rich inner world without an appropriate appearance.

In the end, we will create alchemy with you and make you all-embracing: energetically strong, healthy and perfectly beautiful. As a result, other people will consider you to be a total success. And you will feel accordingly.

Whom BODY LAB was created for?


Selection of an individual programme based on your characteristics. Focus on the woman’s trump cards: awareness, energy, aesthetics of the body; elaboration of a working individual diet, and the sports regime which suits your preferences. Creation of a new lifestyle. Guidance during pregnancy and the puerperal period.


Orientation on the result. Elaboration of a working and effective diet, and the sports regime. Focus on the metaphysics component, forming of a new habit. Development of short-term plans and a long-time strategy, and their application in practice. Entry in the world of aesthetics.


Forming and development of a healthy lifestyle habit — nutrition, active lifestyle, and consciousness together with parents. Parents should support and motivate a child, and this is a wonderful reciprocal process. Together, step by step, we will make the best of you.


In a highly competitive world of sport, details play a decisive role. Forming an effective style of nutrition, taking control over emotions, extraordinary methods of work with both the mental component and the body will allow you as a sportsman or you as a club to work at the highest possible level and move towards even greater efficiency and Victories.

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Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 1.

Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 2.

Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 3.

Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 4.

Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 5.

Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 1.
Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 2.
Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 3.
Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 4.
Hatha yoga with elements of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Part 5.
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Body care
Body Applicator Wraps
Face cosmetics

We offer absolutely unique testing and training on the INTI-FORM computer programme, which was originally created to restore the lost muscle functions of cosmonauts after a long stay in weightlessness.

The Inti-Form programme, which includes a computer programme and a special electronic device, serves to restore and develop the muscles of the pelvic floor. This programme was certified by the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation, which confirms its high standards and relevant medical significance.

Regular training with the Inti-Form programme will allow you to acquire the skill of conscious control over the functions of contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor, increase the level of sexual energy, restore sexual functions, sensitivity, as well as to improve the quality of intimacy.

Training with this tool ensures numerous positive effects, and will also help you:

  1. To prepare for pregnancy and easy delivery without breaks;
  2. To recover quickly after the delivery;
  3. To prolong youth, to postpone the menopause;
  4. To get rid of gynaecological diseases, stress enuresis and haemorrhoids;
  5. To acquire unique sexual skills;
  6. To strengthen the local immunity of the reproductive system;
  7. To improve the general state of the body;
  8. To find harmony with yourself and the world around you.
Questions and answers
  1. Does Body Lab by Lidiya Zeydan guarantee me the result?

    All experience of Body Lab is based on a unique combination of knowledge and practice — from evidence-based medicine to quantum physics. Furthermore, we are creating your unique style together with yo...

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  2. In which way can consultations be implemented?

    Individual consultations are provided both online (Skype) and during offline meetings. Upon completion of the consultation the client gets access to his member area, where the necessary inform...

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  3. Does my blood group matters?

    An important element to form your nutrition habits is the medical approach to your blood group as it will show which products are useful for you, and which move you away from the goal. However, this a...

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  4. What is Body Lab?

    Body Lab by Lidiya Zeydan is a lifestyle which harmoniously develops the physical (external beauty, healthy body), the mental (inner sanogenicity) and the metaphysical (energy full...

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  5. What is the metaphysical component of the system?

    Everything in the world is energy. For the energies own laws, causes and consequences are typical. The quantum view on achieving your goal is the most important component of Body Lab by Lidiya Zeydan....

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Team of BODY LAB
  • Marina Borodina


    Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. Everyone knows this popular wisdom but few people apply its meaning not only to people but to other concepts, such as food, sport, sleep and self-awareness.

    I have learned this truth step by step. And Lidiya Zeydan helped me with this. First, I became friends with her, and then with her project Body Lab. Who thought that to live healthy is so easy! What is important is to have...

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  • Olga Ramyekur

    Stylist in Paris

    I got acquainted with Lida on distance, through a mutual acquaintance, we sent each other messages on the Internet, and then she is already in Paris!!!

    Even by correspondence in WhatsApp I realised that this fragile blonde perfectly knows what she wants. Lida came to Paris for shopping and to have some entertainment! It is nice to work with her — she respects other person’s opinion, and we bought new cloths in one breath.


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  • Mikhail Kopiyko

    Director of SMART FOOD

    I would like to share the most honest opinion about cooperation with wonderful Lidiya Zeydan.

    During cooperation with Lidiya as a client and as a partner it is important to note that the professional approach and personal participation regarding any issue is guaranteed to you! Laborious and very ambitious work is done to make you feel efficiency of the work and its full control by Lidiya. Taking into account the smallest details we rea...

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  • Vitaliy Klishnya


    What is perfectionism? Is it good or bad? In medicine or in life? I think this is the best diagnosis, and that birds of a feather flock together. As for Lida, she is a time-honoured product. And it is a sin not to benefit from it. Take the best and apply. And the most important is that the project does not stop on the achieved results but it grows and sets new goals for you! A personal couch for everyone! Especially such as Lida.

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  • Patrick van Leeuwen

    Manager in Football


    In sports Individual support for athletes becomes more and more a normal thing. Football players also start to have their own mental coach, nutrition advisor or personal trainer.

    Body lab could assist football players in this!

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